5 Sales Tips to make your house or apartment irresistible to buyers

Let the light in

When looking at a new residence, we all love lots of natural light. Depending on your personal taste it is best to let as much natural light in as possible. Tip from the professionals: if the room is a tad dark, then paint it white. A bit of sunlight and lots of white look so much better than a dark colour.

Be a minimalist

Cluttered houses make people nervous. The same applies to me. Being a minimalist with a house you would like to sell, pays off twofold. On the one hand, you have all the benefits that come with minimalism; on the other hand, everything looks much bigger and more organized.

Renovating and cleaning

This is particularly important. I would like to offer you a tip: hire professionals to do this. Cleaning up to feel comfortable in your home is one thing but presenting it to potential buyers is something entirely different. And if everything is spick-and-span, you will save yourself a headache.

Neutral always wins

Buyers are looking for a blank canvas they can paint their own lives on. Such canvas of course must be as neutral as possible to absorb the colour better and to support the creative process of the artist. Thus, make sure your furnishing is as neutral as possible, do not put a too personal mark on it, and let the potential buyer project his future on it.

Scent is important

Choose a scent for every room. It really pays off to invest a bit of money in this. A tip from the professionals: Buy automatic fragrance diffusers and replace the batteries and scents when needed.