Escape to the sun with a house in Denia.

The most beautiful houses in Denia!

Would you like the life you've been dreaming of the past few years to become reality? These houses in Denia will undoubtedly make sure it does and will allow you to live your dream from day one. Continue reading to find out why Denia should be your new 'here and now' and future.

The harbours and water sports

Denia has 4 harbours with luxury yachts who adorn the landscape of everyday life. If you want to enjoy spending time in and on the water, the numerous water sports facilities here offer everything you could wish for. If you’re a family person, and you’d like to offer your children the ultimate water fun at sea, then there’s no better place than Denia, a beautiful, small town, where everything is accessible from your new home, on foot or by bike.

Nightlife and chillout bars

When the day is done and the children are home, Denia's vibrant nightlife awaits you. The trendy restaurants and cosy bars by the beach serve everything you want. Enjoy the most delicious cocktails and the best paella you’ve ever tasted. Not only are new dishes constantly being added to Denia's culinary offer. It also offers everything you need to enjoy the traditional Spanish cuisine.


Whether you’re into vibrant nightlife or wish to enjoy the lovely sunshine: Denia has it all. Choose the life you've always dreamed of, find your perfect dream home in Denia and leave the boring city life behind for good.