Everything you need to know about hospitals in Denia, Javea, and Benidorm

San Carlos Hospital 

San Carlos Hospital in Denia is located at the centre of Marina Alta. 

It has 3 general operating rooms, 3 intensive care units, and 38 rooms.

Consequently, patients can get surgical and medical care here in more than 36 specialisations. 

Besides providing care for local patients, San Carlos has a high number of patients from abroad. Their features for foreigners include a dedicated counter for translation of multiple languages. 

They have another centre in Javea, which is nearby the Arenal beach, and caters for specialties like physiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, and round-the-clock emergency services. 

Tel: 965 78 15 50

General Hospital in Denia

The General Hospital in Denia offers health services for the region of Alicante. Denia Hospital acts as a referral hospital in the Marina Alta region. They offer patients a wide range of services including round-the-clock emergency care. With certification in over 22 fields, the general hospital prioritises patient quality and safety. 

One of their specialisation is providing minimally invasive surgery and green laser treatment. They’ve fulfilled all the international standards for outpatient and inpatient surgery.  

TEL: 966 42 90 00

Clinica Glorieta

At Clinica Glorieta, patients can make use of the best medical technology along with a warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. The primary focus is on the patients and on tailoring treatment to suit the patients’ unique needs.

Patients won’t have to worry about not speaking Spanish since the staff are proficient in more than six languages. This ultra-modern German clinic provides a broad range of services under one roof. 

TEL: 966 43 54 37

Hospital Clinica Benidrom

Hospital Clinica Benidorm gained popularity during the tourism boom in the region. 

To satisfy the medical needs of various tourists, this hospital has more than 400 employees from different parts of Europe.

Hospital Clinica offers over 40 different types of medical services, focusing in particular on polyclinical and emergency care, and hospitalisation. 

Due to their intensive network of clinics, all the medical and diagnostic practices are carried out with the most advanced scientific equipment.

Another equally important quality is their ability to provide personalised care by well-trained and friendly staff.  

The hospital administration is top-notch and they constantly update their database.

Tel: 965 85 38 50

IMED Levante

IMED Levante is a private group of hospitals and polyclinics. 

It also has a radiotherapy centre and a high technology diagnosis imaging centre. 

The IMED hospital group employs more than 2,500 professionally trained staff.

Despite the significant size of the organisation, they make a great effort to ensure personalised care for their patients. 

And their size offers advantages in the sense that they have all the modern equipment required for all medical needs.

IMED hospital group was the first private group of hospitals to upload all patient data online. 

Recently, they’ve pledged to take a green initiative by making their administration paper-free. 

Various prestigious organizations have awarded them several times for their service and use of modern technology. 

Marinara Health Hospital 

Marinara Health Hospital is a public hospital offering services in the Alicante area of Marina Alta. 

They boast 4 upgraded Health Centres from which to provide people with affordable healthcare. 

Notably, since their launch, they have provided a wide variety of specialisations so that patients need not search for other hospitals.   

Some of their specialisations include Maxillofacial Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Neurosurgery. 

Furthermore, their Reconstructive and Plastic surgery is only minimally invasive and provides very good results. 

Currently, this hospital has the best implemented electronic records of patients and is known as the most technologically advanced hospital in Europe. 

Tel: 966 87 87 87