Hiking in Denia

Whether you live in Denia or are visiting, there’s no better way to enjoy the stunning natural environment than by hiking. Whether you want to climb a mountain, explore the coastline or hike through a cave, there’s something for everyone here!

One of the most popular routes to Montgo is the Plana to Summit trail, but there are plenty of other options for exploring this incredible region. If you have time, there are also options for a full day of exploring the Montgo.

1. Cova Tallada

If you love hiking, then you’ll probably want to visit Cova Tallada. It’s a half-natural, half-artificial cave between Denia and Javea, where sunlight filters through doors carved into the rock.

Several routes lead to this place. Depending on your preferences, you can hike to it either from Denia or Javea.

From Denia, the most convenient route is to leave your car in one of the parking areas next to the beaches of Les Rotes and follow the path along calle Via Lactea, which will take you to the entrance of Cova Tallada in about 30 minutes. You’ll also pass by the Torre del Gerro, a tower built in the 16th century to protect against pirate attacks.

To reach the entrance, you must negotiate a short but tricky descent to the right which demands concentration and nerves of steel. You’ll then walk along the water’s edge for a few metres until you see the carved cave.

The cave is quite large and has several passages, as well as a big main space. It’s a great place for exploring and you’ll need a torch to get through it.

During the high season (Easter and June-October) there is limited space in the cave and it is necessary to book ahead for access, both on foot and by kayak or paddle surf. You can do this by contacting Montgo Nature Reserve and visiting their website to make a reservation.

You´ll need to pack water, to keep yourself hydrated and some food for the day. Try to avoid carrying too much weight and if possible, opt for comfortable clothing.

It’s not a difficult trip, but it does involve some climbing and scrambling. It’s best to wear sturdy shoes and light clothing, as the weather can change quickly.

There’s an inscription carved into the rock, which reads: Philipus III HISP REX CAVERNAM HANC PENETRAVIT AN MDXCIX (Philip III, King of Spain, entered this cave in 1599). It’s a very interesting place to explore!

You’ll need to have water, a torch and water to keep yourself hydrated. It’s also a good idea to bring some sunblock and comfortable clothing.

2. Cova de l’Aigua

If you are looking to do some hiking in Denia, Cova de l’Aigua is an ideal destination. It is located in the Montgo mountain range and offers amazing views of the Mediterranean. The hike is easy to do and is ideal for families with young children.

The Cova de l’Aigua (or water cave) is a natural site on the northern face of Montgo, about 350 meters high. It has two chambers, a small pond and a Roman inscription, which dates back to 238 AD.

Besides its impressive history, this site has been declared a national park and is a popular place for tourists to visit. The route to the Cova de l’Aigua begins in the Cami de la Colonia, which is an excellent path for those who want to enjoy stunning panoramic views of Denia and the Mediterranean Sea.

As you continue on your hike, you’ll come across a few trails that will take you through wooded areas. There are many different types of trees to see along the way, including cypresses and pines. You might also see some wild animals such as rabbits and hares.

There are several stretches of trail where you can stop and relax, such as the clifftop path near the Cova de l’Aigua. The views are spectacular and there is a lot to see, so be sure to pack your camera!

Another great spot to visit is the Castle of Denia. This medieval castle, which sits on top of a hill, is a must-see. Some of its towers and gates are still preserved.

In addition, the castle also has a museum full of archaeological treasures from the Iberian, Roman and Islamic periods. And there’s a bar where you can enjoy a drink and the fantastic views.

Afterwards, you can explore the surrounding area of Denia. It is a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and offers a wide variety of options for eating. You can sample the local cuisine in a number of restaurants, such as Pont Sec and Restaurante Pimientos.

3. Cova del Gamell

Though slightly less well-known than the Water Caves, Cova del Gamell (Cava of the Gamell) is still a beautiful place to visit. It offers fantastic views and is a great adventure for hikers of all ages.

The cave is located in the Montgo Nature Reserve and it’s an easy hike for families, as it only takes an hour and a half to complete one way. However, it can be a real challenge if you want to climb to the top of the mountain.

We had the chance to do this walk with a group of friends and we really enjoyed it. It was a great way to relax in nature, and we loved the views of Denia Castle and the sea from the top.

On the hike, we admired some interesting archaeological remains, such as an old kiln where lime was made and a grove of almond trees. We also got to see some traces of the raisin industry, which was popular in the area at one time.

In the distance we could also see a small chapel, the Hermitage of Pare Pere, where Friar Pere Esteve once took sanctuary in solitude. Its small stone hut is decorated with intricately painted tiles and there are some shaded pine trees in the area that make it a very pleasant visit for those looking for a peaceful place to spend the day.

As a bonus, the Hermitage is in an excellent location for admiring the beautiful views of Denia’s mountains and sea from a vantage point that you can’t get any other way. There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Denia than by hiking.

There are several paths that lead to the summit of the massif, so you can choose which one is right for you. If you’re a bit daring you can take a more challenging route that reaches the top of the mountain in around 4 km and it has an elevation gain of 500 metres.

It is important to keep in mind that climbing to the top of the mountain is not for everyone, so it’s best if you have some prior experience or do it with a friend who can guide you. It’s also good to take the proper shoes and be prepared for rock scrambling if you want to have the best possible experience.

4. Alt de Benimaquia

Denia is a harbour town that lies in a sheltered bay of the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its beaches with blue waters and golden sand.

Alt de Benimaquia, a beautiful medieval castle built by the Spanish monarchs, is located in the city of Denia. It is a historic site that is worth visiting, and it has lots of charm.

The town of Denia is known for its many historical sites and museums, but it also has some of the best beaches in Spain. These beaches are a perfect way to relax after a day out exploring the town and its attractions.

The beaches have clear water and golden sand, making them ideal for families with children. They are also a popular location for windsurfers and divers.

This castle is one of the oldest in Denia and was built by the Spanish monarchs in the early 16th century. It is now a tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world.

There are several things to do around the castle, including hiking and swimming. The town is also home to an archaeological museum, which contains a wide range of exhibits.

In addition to the castle, there is a church that you can visit as well. You can see clothing, hats and work utensils from different periods.

Aside from these attractions, the town of Denia is full of beaches and cliffs. The beaches are a great place to spend your holidays.

The area around the castle is home to a variety of outdoor activities, including cliff jumping. The town also has several restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

There are plenty of shops to browse in this area. You can find everything from clothes to shoes, and there is also a supermarket near the castle.

The town of Denia is a very pleasant place to stay and is home to several beautiful castles and monuments. It is also a great spot for tourists to explore the region of Alicante. The city is very easy to reach and has several attractions that you can visit during your trip.