Quit whining. Paradise still is paradise.

The Spanish Costa Blanca has been heavily hit by the corona virus and people really have been through a lot. The social impact the pandemic has on the Spaniards has epic proportions. But that doesn’t mean that the world around all of that stops being breathtakingly beautiful. Keep reading and you will find out why buying a house at the Costa Blanca still is the key to happiness!

Wake up! The world after corona

The corona virus tells us that we aren’t as inviable as we used to think. We now find the most covid-19 cases at the biggest superpower of the world. The pandemic has taught us a lesson; how to count the days and that you should care for other people. But what will the world look like after the virus? 

Part of the people are having difficulties waking up in the new world. Everywhere you hear people complain about how bad everything is and how well things were before the virus. But many do not understand the important lesson we have been taught. Life itself is a miracle, a gift, the fact that we’re alive is an enormous gift in itself. The thought of all the people who have lost their lives because of the virus, is a gigantic step forward. Because all of us who got to stay on this side, should live a better, satisfied, and happy life. If by now you haven’t understood that time plays an important role, it is high time that you do.

Miracle of nature & Outdoor activities

The coronavirus has a major impact on employment. At the same time, it has a fantastic impact on nature. Anyone lucky enough to experience Denia and Javea after the pandemic will immediately get this. Nature, without human influence, has come to life like we’ve never experienced before. So, we can safely say that Mount Montgó and all those trekking, walking, and cycling routes are now at their best.

Now is the perfect time to dive into the heavenly blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The green vegetation is lusher than ever, and with curious tourists at a distance, flora and fauna are unspoilt and majestic. If you still have the paradisiacal natural beauty of the Costa Blanca on your mind, you will now see this paradise even more gorgeously. The flowers are more colourful and luscious than ever and the sun shines just as deliciously on your skin as it always has.

Outdoor activities are perhaps the best way to dive into this paradisiacal natural beauty of the Costa Blanca. Don't wait too long, otherwise you might miss the perfect spot, where paradise can be found.

The gastronomy is more than okay

Another aspect that has only improved in these pandemic times is the food scene. As you may know, the pueblos on the Costa Blanca - like Denia and Javea - prepare great dishes with local ingredients. These ingredients have become even better and tastier due to the lack of consumption. The food culture in this paradise is not just more than okay but has reached a whole new level of taste. 

Experience life at the Costa Blanca at its absolute best

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that life at its best is something we cannot put off. Life is the seed of a precious gift, and we can nurture and nourish it to make happiness blossom. And that is exactly what the Costa Blanca stands for: happiness for you and your family. Every day.

Learn the lesson fate has taught us all. Finally do what you’ve always wanted to do. A piece of paradise on earth awaits you. What are you waiting for to become the owner of your dream home on the Costa Blanca?