Real Estate in Denia, your options ranging from luxury villas to apartments

Denia is a historical town on the coast of the Costa Blanca in Spain. It lies between Valencia and Alicante. 

Denia is one of the  favourite holiday destinations in the world; a traditional town that offers you a lot of fun holiday activities along with the traditional Spanish lifestyle that you may want to live. 

There’s a castle overlooking the seemingly never-ending sandy beaches and amazing yachts in the cosmopolitan marina. What’s not to love about this place? 

No wonder buying real estate in Denia is becoming so popular now. Are you thinking about buying something here too?

Well, whether you have or haven't made your choice yet, this article will help you to organise your thoughts and learn more about this magical place!

Let's start, shall we? 

Different areas in Denia

You can’t buy a house, villa, or any other real estate property in Denia unless you're aware of what lies within its boundaries. 

So let's start by learning about the various parts of this town - because, trust us, there's a LOT to discover and explore in Denia. 

  • Denia Old Town

The real Denia is in the lanes of Marques de Campo - a perfect place for an evening or early morning stroll for walkers. 

The main street is lined with all the pleasures you could ask for - bars, restaurants, and shops! Every kind of European cuisine is available here for your pleasure! 

If you're interested in exploring Spanish flavours, go to Calle Loreto. Located slightly off the main square, you'll find a row of tapas bars waiting for you here. This place will offer you a variety of authentic Spanish snacks to munch on and fill your tummy with. 

  • Las Marinas Beach 

If you're a sucker for sandy beaches, then Las Marinas will be a dream for you. This beach goes on for miles and is usually far less crowded than other areas. 

You can relax and drink a beer or two at the local bars here (called chiringuitos). This is a perfect spot for a family picnic or walking your dogs. 

  • Les Rotes 

The rocky beach of Les Rotes is a favourite spot for those who love snorkelling or diving. You can take a stroll and explore the rocky terrain of this beach with friends or solo. And don't forget to grab a beer on your way from one of the beach bars!

  • Port & Marina 

If you love observing boats and yachts come and go while enjoying snacks al fresco, then this is the place for you.

But the best thing to do once you get here is to hire a boat or book a boat trip and see the coastline from the deep blue Mediterranean waters. 

For those who love to party till late at night, Sounders is a great place to dance the night away. This nightclub has an amazing view and is perfect for observing the port in  the distance.

What To Do In Denia?

Beach days are what most people who spend their holidays here love to do - and the most lucrative incentive for those looking to buy property here.

But, if that's not enough for you, there are so many other options. The best way to experience the local culture is to visit the smaller bars, restaurants, and street shops.

Another major attraction here is the 11th-century castle, located just at the edge of the town and overlooking it.

You can also take a short drive to the alluring Montgó national park to get in touch with nature.

Don't worry - your options are endless! So when are you coming?