These are the reasons why the Costa Blanca wins from Mallorca


Are you trying to decide which view of the Mediterranean Sea you would like this summer? Or perhaps you’re looking for a house to start a new life in? Whatever you’re looking for, the old rivalry between the Costa Blanca and Mallorca always comes into play. Even though both locations have their benefits and disadvantages, the Costa Blanca is clearly the winner. We will show you why. Continue reading and fall for one of the greatest places in the world. 

Mallorca is an island ... which makes it much more complicated.

It is always more complicated to reach an island than a destination on the mainland. On the Costa Blanca you will find some of the most picturesque beaches of the Mediterranean that can be reached by car. With your own transport you can make nice trips to the most diverse sights throughout the season. Imagine: waking up in your beach house and thinking of doing something completely different. For example, you can drive to one of the traditional Spanish villages to explore the beautiful, historical places of Spain. On an island, your options as to what you can see are limited. On the mainland you can go wherever you want to. 

Crowds of tourists!

Tourists, tourists and even more tourists. Tourists everywhere! During high season, Mallorca is the busiest island of Spain. Ibiza and Formentera, for example, welcomes yearly around 3 million tourists. On Mallorca there are 10 million! This can turn your pleasant family holiday into endless waiting in long queues for sights and restaurants. If you want to avoid these crowds, it’s better to stay on the mainland and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea from the Costa Blanca. 

Towering prices

Everything that’s for sale on an island like Mallorca, must be brought there by ferry or ship. This transport costs extra money and this has its influence on the prices on the island. That’s why everything on Mallorca, as on all islands, is excessively expensive. If you want to avoid having to pay more for everything you need, it’s better to stay on the mainland on the beautiful Costa Blanca.

Spanish villages at their best along the Costa Blanca

Yes, there is no better place than the Costa Blanca to experience Spanish villages and thus preserve the special cultural heritage of Spain. There are countless enchanting places where you enter a completely different world, one where time has stood still, such as Jávea, Calpe, Altea, Denia, Moraira and Villajoyosa. Moreover, the roads are excellent, so you can easily visit the sights with your own transportation and visit several villages in one afternoon. Along the Costa Blanca you will find the most beautiful villages Spain has to offer. 

Montgó Mountains National Park

Montgó National Park is one of the most versatile nature reserves you can find in a region. Here you can admire sights or go trekking, cycling or hiking in the lush nature and take pictures of the breath-taking Mediterranean Sea in all its splendour. Yes, the mountain Montgó is on the mainland and is another reason to stay on the Costa Blanca. 

Conclusion: the hidden jewel awaits

The Costa Blanca is still the hidden gem of Spanish Mediterranean culture. Few people, however, know that you have similar landscapes to Mallorca but for half the price, with less crowds and a better accessibility. As soon as people find out how beautiful this place is, prices will rise, and things will get crowded. Regardless of whether you want to buy a house or have a nice time with your family, the Costa Blanca is the best option. The time is now, so don't hesitate and let Spain enchant you!