You are a Digital Nomad? Spain is Your Next Home for the Season, and Here’s Why

With the COVID-19 crisis spreading across the whole world, more and more people have changed their work habits. Long gone are the days of commuting to work crammed into the Metro. Now, freedom seems to be the new sign of times to come. But where to spend the next free months of your nomadic life? The answer is just a five-letter word: SPAIN. 

Read on to find the reasons why.

Spain, a paradise for teleworkers

Perhaps you´re not familiar with the term, but teleworking is doing your job remotely. This growing trend resonated with Spain´s highest authorities and the country is focusing on teleworking tourism (combining work and holidays). Those who work nomadically aim to enjoy the best season in every country they visit. Spain, in an attempt to corner this tourism, has been promoting the construction of hundreds of co-working spaces in paradise locations such as the Costablanca. Typing on your computer while looking at the Mediterranean Sea can be a dream come true.

Spain, because of its marvellous weather

Spain´s weather is not too hot or too cold; it’s simply perfect. You can relax and get the perfect tan by visiting the beautiful beaches or do some powerful exercise on trekking or biking trails. You can even lose yourself in the big cities with a rented bike. Chances are, Spain can offer you an amazing experience in all four seasons. And if you’re a native of Northern Europe, you´ll find Spanish weather a blessing all year round.

Spain, because it is affordable

While it’s true that Spain is not a cheap country compared to other countries in the world, it is affordable for a European country. You´ll spend less in your basic living costs than you would in Paris, London, or Amsterdam, and still enjoy a European-class lifestyle. We are not talking about a 10% margin, but rather 42% when comparing Madrid to London and 31% when comparing Madrid to Paris. If your destination is Europe, your destination has to be Spain.

Spain, because of the culture and history

Are you a culture fan? What about history? Spain can offer you some of the best castles and adventures in the entire continent. Some 500 years ago, Spain ruled the world and the seas, leaving behind an extraordinarily rich heritage of wonderful splendour. That trace left by ancient civilizations can still be seen in objects and buildings. Can you imagine climbing the top of a small mountain to find an old castle with a breath-taking view of the Mediterranean Sea? That´s what a weekend getaway looks like in Spain.

Spain, the most amazing culinary scene

Speaking about the Mediterranean Sea, few food scenes can match what Spain has to offer. From the freshest of classical seafood dishes to elaborate Michelin-Star restaurants, Spanish cuisine has it all. That is if you get past the delicious tapas and make it to the main course! You can stay in the country for a year and still not taste all it has to offer. Let your palate be the judge and get lost in the plethora of options Spain has to offer.


There has never been a better time to become a digital nomad. Spain is waiting for you, with one of the best internet connections in the region, high-speed trains, and direct flights to most places in the world. Isn´t it about time you stopped making excuses and started living the life you dream of? Spain awaits, are you ready to take the big leap into the future?