Buy a finca in Spain and live together with nature


Buying land on a privileged piece of earth like the Spanish Costa Blanca can change your life completely. Why buy a finca instead of an apartment or a house you ask? There are several reasons for this, all of which we will highlight. Continue reading to find out why a finca on the Spanish Costa Blanca should be your next property purchase.

What is a finca?

A finca is a piece of land with a house in the middle of it. Traditionally, the surrounding land was used to grow various vegetables. Around the main building there are usually other, smaller buildings such as barns, stables and storage sheds for seeds. Fincas have existed for centuries. The older they are, the more beautiful their style and construction is.

And for those looking for the right word: finca means something like ‘farm’, although a finca is a very specific type of farm that can only be found in this part of the world.

What can I do with it?

Although some fincas are still surrounded by flowering fields, most of them have been given a different destination such as wine production, weekend recreation in nature or even tourism. When you make a purchase, these are some of the applications you could specify:

- for a weekend break: if you would like to use the finca to relax at after a busy workweek in the city, to enjoy a great getaway in the middle of nature with your family. Horse riding with the family on a sunny Sunday afternoon often makes for the family photo of the year.

- as arable land: you can also grow different kinds of vegetables on your finca or even make wine and make a regular income from it. It is very common for the owner to hire people to do this and thus effortlessly make a profit.

- for tourism reasons: many people would like to spend a weekend in nature with the whole family and many fincas offer such weekends, complete with various activities. If this is your goal, it can be an investment that generates a decent return and which you can also enjoy yourself when there are no guests.

Why the Costa Blanca in Spain?

Spain’s Costa Blanca not only has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, it also forms a wonderful location for investments because of its wide range of landscapes and tourist attractions. It won’t be long before everyone discovers this beautiful area overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Prices will then skyrocket. Buying a finca in this region of Spain, from Montgó to the beautiful Denia and Javea up to the amazing Spanish villages, guarantees endless possibilities for relaxation and fun.


When buying a finca on the Costa Blanca today, your dream of a paradise on earth becomes reality. Imagine the close contact with nature. Looking out the window of an ancient colonial house with a delicious cup of coffee in your hand, whilst enjoying the breath-taking view over your property. It could be a profitable investment for you, but it could also be a way to live a different life. A life without stress, hustle and bustle, traffic and all the other inconveniences of life in the city. Now would be the perfect time: the most beautiful fincas in the world are waiting for you. Take action and buy a finca in Spain!