La Sella Golf Resort

One of the most perfect places in Spain currently is La Sella Golf Resort. Want to know more about this resort? Well then, here we go.

Back in 1986, when the decision was made to establish a golf resort in this place, it was a crazy idea. Golf wasn’t as popular then as it is now.

But the visionaries who understand the future knew the importance of a golf course. Now, thirty years later, La Sella Golf Resort has become one of the greatest attractions of the place.

No wonder people are going crazy over the properties in La Sella - after all, it lets them stay connected to this historic golf resort.

But is that enough reason to buy a property in La Sella? Maybe not. So let’s see some more convincing reasons to buy a property in La Sella!

It’s well-connected

What do you think about when you think about a paradise on earth? Lush gardens and palaces? A widespread ocean lined with endless white sand beaches and palm trees? A marshland with greenery all around?

While these might sound great in the description, our modern-day idea of a paradise has changed. Today, the only paradise is a place that is well-connected with the world.

And that’s what La Sella offers you - it’s extremely well-connected with the rest of the world. For starters, you can easily access international airports and port cities nearby. 

Also, it’s always great to drive through one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. 

Great infrastructure

Infrastructure is a huge plus, especially in the modern world where we seek every comfort at our disposal. In La Sella, you will find everything you need to hand.

All your basic requirements will be fulfilled through easily accessible shops nearby, pharmacies and supermarkets. 

What else could you need? You have good schools, a tennis club, great restaurants and of course, the golf court. 

The streets are wide and well-lit. You can safely roam the streets at any time of the day you like - or night, depending on your preference. 

The place is lush in both natural beauty and man-made structures that compliment it. The beautiful view of the sea will mesmerise you and the man-made attractions are also wonderful to witness. 

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if you could see Mount Montgó right from the window of your room? Oh wait, you can! That’s the kind of experience we are talking about here!

Attractions of the place

If you buy a place in La Sella, you can pay regular, healing visits to its nature reserve which is protected by law and beautiful by nature.

People living in this place are living nothing less than the dream. Another wonderful attraction in the neighbourhood of La Sella is the Denia Marriot Hotel.

Featuring 187 rooms and an international golf course, this building is located inside the nature reserve and is a great tourist attraction for many people.

You can also fix your Sundays for a marvellous visit to the markets of Jesus Pobre and find many other fun weekend activities here. 


Denia is definitely one of the biggest attractions for people who are taking up residence in La Sella and it’s well connected with other tourist attractions as well.     

Once you get here, the place can indulge all your needs and wants with its variety of activities, entertainment, and meals to offer. 

With a little investment in this place, you can build your dream home from scratch and according to your wishes. But hurry - many people are already buying houses here! Don’t miss the chance!