Your Spanish home and what the area provides

A secure purchase and a carefree enjoyment of your home on the Northern Costa Blanca.

Your own home in Spain, a big step requiring an excellent guidance.

You are about to purchase real estate on the Northern Costa Blanca. This is a big (financial) step that needs to be taken very carefully. Purchasing real estate in Spain can be risky business if you do not make use of the services of a well-established partner. It is not uncommon that the ignorant buyer purchases the loans and similar debts of the vendor together with the real estate, or that altered development plans turn your dream into a nightmare, or that the chosen contractor for the building process is not as serious after all. All the more reason to make use of the services of MNM CostaBlanca for all your real estate purchases on the Northern Costa Blanca. MNM CostaBlanca, with over 20 years of experience in real estate, operates independently and is certified by the Mondi interest group. We guarantee you a precisely selected real estate offer, correct price-settings and a carefree settlement of your purchase.

The region of the Northern Costa Blanca, La Marina Alta

The northern Costa Blanca, also known as the region "Marina Alta” has a surface of approx. 760 km² and a population of approx. 190.000 of which 25% is European resident (non Spanish origin). The region is known for its beaches, its pure and unspoiled nature with beautiful mountains, splendid orange- and almond fields and of course its very healthy climate. In fact, the WHO has appointed this region as the region with the healthiest climate in the world! The highway A7 connects the region with all western- and central European countries. The airports of Alicante and Valencia are at only a short distance and offer many daily flights to and from the important European cities. The Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona can be reached by car in approx. 4 hours time. Within the region it is mostly the coastal towns that are popular amongst the European residents, although, mainly in the last decade, the unaffected locations in the inlands such as the Jalon Valley and the Orba Valley have gained in popularity.