Things You Need To Know About Denia's Fiestas

Fiestas in Denia

Ah Denia’s fiestas… Every season of the year there are many different fiestas, some just in neighbourhoods or streets, and others taking place in the whole town, so, fortunately, it’s very difficult to live in Denia and not be surprised by one of its fiestas when you’re out and about. They’re great for all types of audiences, from families with younger children to groups of friends out partying. The main fiestas are The Fallas, San Juan, Festa Major, Moors and Christians and then Christmas.


Huge paper mache statues are creatively made and then burned in March. People sing, dance, drink, eat and just have an all-around fantastic experience. It’s astonishing to watch, there is truly nothing like this any other place in the world. An abundance of fireworks, popular traditional meals and uplifting entertainment; what’s not to love?

La "Plantà" de las Fallas. It consists of: the installation of the Falla monuments in a variety of areas around Denia, the "mascletà", an impressive firework display, where thousands of fireworks are fired in each Falla district, filling the city with noise and gunpowder. There are also the street parades where the " Falleros" dance through the streets accompanied by the musical bands that represent them.

The "Nit del Foc" (Night of Fire) Fireworks display. Amazing firework display in the centre of Denia that you won’t want to miss. This colourful event is such an amazing event to watch.

La "cremà" (Falla burning). All the falla monuments are burned, ending the fiesta. First, the children's Fallas are burned, followed by the larger adult Fallas later on. In Denia, the Falla monuments are not burned at the same time and they follow a progressive order. This allows people to enjoy watching the burning of several falla monuments.

San Juan

The San Juan Bonfires is a traditional and popular festival celebrated in Denia during the middle of summer. Fire features in many of the celebrations, with people gathering together and creating large bonfires on the beach from any kind of wood, such as old furniture, and sharing food and drinks while children, teens and even adults jump over the fires.

La Festa Major

Denia’s main fiesta celebrated during the second week of July. With so much going on, here are the main features:

Bulls are a big part of Spanish culture. Bous a la Mar (Bulls into the Sea), declared a National Touristic Interest Fiesta, is held twice a day. People get chased by the bull and try to get it into the sea. This fun and entertaining event is great to watch and not something you want to miss.

Night Party. After all the daytime madness stops, the night time takes the lead and it is full steam ahead! Every night there is a party, a different type every night, for all ages.

The Gala Parade. An amazing parade with bands and music, followed by artistic and creative floats. An impressive parade with a great atmosphere.

The Fireworks. The great finale of the Fiesta held the last night of celebrations, finishing the fiestas with a bang.

Moors and Christians

The streets of Dénia are crowded with Moors and Christians in mid-august. The town is littered with street bands, nights in shining armour and flags everywhere. The programme mainly consists of disembarkation and the Gala Parade where Moors and Christians wear their luxurious costumes while music is played. In addition to this, the festival honours Sant Roc, Patron Saint of Dénia. Traditionally the fiestas include a mass service, the distribution of blessed bread, a dinner of brotherhood and a procession.

Most important events :

Disembarkation. Disembarkation of the moors, truce signature.

For the kids. Children's Gala Parade.

Day of the Fiesta. Gala Parade.

Last Day. Battle of the Arquebusiers, the miracle of the fog, Surrendering and Retreat, and of course, it finishes off with some fireworks.


La Nit de la Llum. The Night of the Light (Night of the Candles) is a magical night that is lit up by thousands of candles. With more than 8000 candles lining the streets in the old town and Marques de Campo, shoppers enjoy special prices and promotions in more than 100 retail outlets, which stay open until after 11pm so that everyone can finish their Christmas shopping. Red carpet lines the paths to the stores, and candlelight mingles with the seasonal decorations to rival Oxford Street at its finest. The Plaça Glorieta, in particular, is stunning, with the rivers of light reflected in the fountains, drawing admiring crowds from the surrounding area. This important night for local commercial business has become bigger every year, and truly marks the start of the Christmas festivities in Denia.

Father Christmas in Denia. On the 22nd of December, Father Christmas accompanied by his elves, parades down one of Denia’s main streets, all the way to the Town Hall. Following him is the Youth Band and Denia’s Artistic Musical Group.

Hundreds of excited boys and girls wait to give in their Christmas lists and take a photo with Father Christmas at The Town Hall’s Square.

The Three Kings. That’s right, just when you think things are calming down from Christmas and New Year’s Eve, in Spain, the party keeps going with The Three Kings Day. It is a charming fiesta to enjoy, especially if you’re interested in living in Spain, it’s a great way to experience the history of the area.

As any fiesta in Denia, Three Kings Day involves food, family time, and colourful festivities out in the streets. The main celebration actually takes place the night before Kings Day, on the 5th of January. This is when each and every town in Spain has a parade, featuring, of course, the stars of the show, the Three Wise Men or "Tres Reyes Magos”.

This fiesta is truly impressive. With dancers in elaborate, colourful costumes and people on stilts walking about… Even gorgeous Spanish Stallions are ridden by riders dressed in historic Arabic garb.

In the parade, each of The Kings rides on a separate float designed to look like giant chariots, tossing out sweets to the children that watch them go by. The parade passes through the port, then goes onto Marques de Campos and finishes at the Town Hall.

There is so much more to be said about this magnificent fiesta, it is one that can’t be missed.

Living in Spain you get to enjoy both your traditional Christmas and the amazing one Spain has to offer.

Having an apartment in Denia means that you will be surrounded by such an amazing atmosphere, with brilliant fiestas all year round. Having an international port and being in such an ideal location makes Denia far more than a holiday resort.